HTML UI, integrated in about an hour.

Awesomium provides everything you need to start displaying beautiful HTML-powered interfaces and web-content within your application fast.

We offer convenient drop-in widgets for .NET and Unity3D and complete example code for popular 3D engines and graphics frameworks.

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An API that’s readable and smart.

Start using Awesomium with just a few lines of code.

With wrappers available for .NET, Unity, Mono, SDL, and many more, there’s a flavor for everyone.

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using namespace Awesomium;

WebConfig config;
WebCore* core = WebCore::Initialize(config);

WebView* view = core->CreateWebView(512, 512);

// finish loading the page
while (view->IsLoading())

Licensing for all.

Awesomium is free for any team making less than $100K revenue and free to use in any educational or non-commercial apps.

For all others, it’s just $2900 per application. No royalties, no monthly fees, no hidden costs. You only need to buy a license once you begin distribution.

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By developers for developers.

Our small team, based in sunny San Francisco, is made up of passionate engineers with backgrounds in game development and .NET.

We created Awesomium to scratch our itch and hope it scratches yours.

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