Meet the Team

Adam Simmons

Captain of Awesomium. Texan. Bachelor in Computer Science. Open-source maven. Designer, programmer, and director. Consultant at several game studios. Psychology student. Addicted to online games, Adam taught himself to code by creating emulators for MMORPGs at age twelve.

Perikles Stephanidis

.NET Lead. Greek, German, Romanian. More than just a programming guru, Perikles is a Renaissance man– he has run for government, taught in a conservatory, and has a strong passion for music.

Dominic Testa

Sales Lead. Californian. Dominic has worked in more industries than you have fingers-– from real estate and home staging to liquor and beverage sales. He’s even moonlighted as a veterinary technician. Case in point: Dominic does it all.


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