March 31st, 2014

Critical Patch:

We’re releasing an important patch for Awesomium.

Due to some critical issues discovered in the build we announced last week, we’re releasing for Windows and Mac OSX. Download the update here.

Here’s a quick summary of the issues resolved:

Fixed issues in Core

  • Crash when WebPreferences.enable_web_gl is true.
  • Crash when WebPreferences.enable_gpu_acceleration is true.

Fixed issues in .NET

  • Duplicate values in the parameters of a JavaScript call would cause an exceptional WebCore shutdown.
  • OperationCanceledException on WebCore.Run.
  • ArgumentNullException when trying to p/invoke on native Awesomium.
  • ArgumentNullException on internal WebCore.Log calls.
  • Scrolling a WPF WebControl would cause significant memory growth.