September 5th, 2013

Awesomium 1.7.2

Alongside the redesign of our website, we have just launched a new incremental update of our library for all platforms.

This release fixes a couple notable issues in our core library and .NET bindings and also introduces a stable Unity package for the Windows platform.

You can download the latest package from the Download Page on our main site.

A complete summary of all the changes are available at the following links:

Updated Tutorials

We’ve updated much of the content and tutorials within The Wiki, we hope these new changes will make it even easier for new users to get started.

New IRC Chat

We’re big IRC junkies and decided to get our own room. Come chat with the team or idle with us at #awesomium @ (or try our online webchat).

Issue Tracker

To help us keep track of public-facing issues and make it easier for users to share useful bug reports, we’ve started using an issue tracker on GitHub.